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    Circular Coils

Circular Coils

When applying the circular coil, a fairly large area of body tissue will be stimulated.  The circular coil may be positioned conveniently over many parts of the body, and usually serves well as a “general purpose coil”.
Circular Coils - MMC-140 Parabolic Coil
MMC-140 Parabolic Coil

The coil is parabolic in shape to provide a powerful and focused stimulation. Equipped with trigger button to support clinical operation.
  • MMC-140 Parabolic coil
  • Diameter: 120mm
  • Pulses before warmup: 650
  • Trigger button
  • Compatible with R20, R30, R100 and X100
  • Usable with MagPro Compact w/ converter
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