Magnetic Stimulation And Neuro Navigation For Reaserchers

In neuroscience transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) of the human brain has established itself as a means to examine processes in the central nervous system. The noninvasive technology is based on strong magnetic fields which can stimulate as well as inhibit some parts of the brain. Specific areas of the brain assumed to be involved in particular processes are treated by TMS, therefore a precisely targeted stimulation is crucial for valid results. For Universities, University Hospitals and Clinicians who are looking for neuro diagnostic systems with advanced capabilities and configurations. Ectron are the UK distributors for Rogue Resolution who produce magnetic stimulation solutions and Localite who provide neuro navigation for TMS
Magnetic Stimulation And Neuro Navigation For Reaserchers
Ectron is the UK distributor for LOCALITE GmbH, which creates and supplies intuitively usable surgical navigation systems that help physicians to serve their patients better. The LOCALITE TMS Navigator is an image-based navigation system for focusing transcranial magnetic stimulation. It enables very precise stimulation of brain areas planned before according to individual brain anatomy. Stimulation coils of all well-known manufacturers can be navigated
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