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    MagPro Special Coils

Special Coils

Custom designed coils are available as well as modifications to existing coils, ranging from extending the coil cable, placebo coils, to a complete change of geometry of the coil. Magventure have developed a number of special coils for their system solutions.
Special Coils - custom designed and modified coils
RT-120-II Racetrack Coil

The coil is elliptic in shape and is especially suitable for stimulation of wider areas such as bigger muscles. Equipped with power control and trigger button to support clinical operation.
  • Diameter: 80 x 160mm
  • Pulses before warmup: 1500
  • Built-in powercontrol
  • Trigger button
  • Compatible with all stimulators
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Special Coils - custom designed and modified coils

MRi-B91 Coil

Designed for use in MRI scanners up to 4 Tesla with biphasic waveform standard mode. The coil is suitable for focused stimulation. Not for use with power mode or any other waveforms. Symmetrical placed inside the housing so the magnetic field on both sides is equal. With the External Control Software (9016S0141) it is possible to control different settings on MagPro from a standard PC with USB or Serial port interface.
  • Diameter: 2xø79/ø92
  • Compatible with R30 & X100
  • For use in MRi scanners up to 4 Tesla
  • Used with TMS-fMRi System Solution which includes remote control, power line filter & emergency stop
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Special Coils - custom designed and modified coils
Cool-B65 A/P Butterfly Coil        

Functions as both active (A) and placebo (P)
coil and its symmetrical design with no indication of active vs. placebo side makes it ideal for double-blinded studies.
  • Diameter: 2 x 75mm
  • Pulses before warmup: >20.000
  • Cooled dynamically with external coil cooler unit
  • Compatible with R30 & X100
  • Works both as active and placebo.
  • Excellent for clinical trials
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