Sun Ball

The most advanced and fun exercise ball

Recovery can be entertaining. Playing games while exercising? No problem. SunBall brings fun moments to patients recover and...
allows therapists to gain deeper insight into therapy progress with a built in analytic module.

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Physiotherapy meets fun

SunBall is a small (10cm) portable biofeedback device designed for physio and ergo therapists. SunBall lets you control video games via the change of pressure inside the exercise ball. The patient needs to combine physical and mental capacity so that they remain involved by playing interactive games.


Deeper insight for professionals

SunBall lets the patient and therapist evaluate therapy results immediately and get deeper insight into the clients progress through long term activity monitoring so the therapist can help them even more in future sessions. It has a easy-to-use graph overview, detailed view, and video feedback. It also includes activity data such as force applied, total time taken, and burned calories.


SunBall includes 5 games in the starter kit providing a wide range of engagement. Every game is specially designed for therapeutic needs with professionals 

To learn more about SunBall, you can read the manual and the introduction text here...

For whom is SunBall intended?
SunBall assists during ergo-therapy, physiotherapy and specialised neuro rehabilitation. SunBall boosts development of muscle strength and coordination. Very important attributes for creating functional movement stereotypes.

Is the set of exercises fixed?
Exercising guide serves as basic instruction while training with SunBall. You can find in the database a whole range of exercises targeting all body parts. However the final decision about training lies in the hand of professionals.

Are there other games?
SunBall are continuously developing new games in cooperation with therapists. Expect new games every 2-4 months.

Are there any possible safety issues?
SunBall has been tested for electromagnetic compatibility, the surface of the ball meets the required certification and SunBall includes a check valve that prevents overpressurisation and the balls's rupture.
For more information about SunBall please email: or call 0117 941 3979 or complete the contact form below.

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