The Next Generation in rTMS - Coming January 2018! 

DuoMAG XT rTMS for biphasic TMS rTMS & Theta Burst rTMS
Ectron is proud to partner with Rogue Resolution and pleased to announce the next generation in transcranial magnetic stimulators (TMS)  built specifically for clinics and hospitals. The DuoMag XT rTMS is a CE-Certified for clinical use medical device for non-invasive brain stimulation.

Repetitive TMS (rTMS) produces longer-lasting effects which persist past the initial period of stimulation. rTMS can increase or decrease the excitability of the corticospinal tract depending on the intensity of stimulation, coil orientation, and frequency.

Along with applications in neurophysiology, neurology and cognitive neuroscience, rTMS is used in both NHS and private psychiatry for treatment of mood disorders and ia recommended in the UK by NICE for the treatment of depression.

DuoMAG XT features:-

Pulse mode: Biphasic, Biphasic Burst (e.g. theta burst).
Stimulation rates up to 100Hz (maximum stimulator output of 40% at 100Hz).
External communications via TTL in/out triggers and USB.
System control and configuration via Windows based touch-screen.
Controllable from an external device.
Custom protocol editor and storage by way of built-in computer.
Burst function fully configurable (iTBS, cTBS etc).
Supported by a complete range of Circular, Figure 8 and Cooled Coils.
The DuoMag XT rTMS transcranial magnetic stimulator is a CE-certified medical device for non-invasive brain stimulation in humans.
DuoMAG XT rTMS for biphasic TMS, rTMS & theta burst rTMS
Ectron listened to feedback from our clients and chose DuoMAG XT rTMS because of it's unique design and networkable software. Ectron believe this is truly the next generation rTMS device.

Why Choose DuoMAG XT rTMS?
  • Designed and built for specifically for clinical use - Easy to use flexible arm ensures accuracy of positioning and patient comfort
  • CE certified for clinical use
  • UK based team of experts 
  • Networkable software - Monitor rTMS devices remotely from your laptop or iPad.
  • Change patient protocols from your office or directly on the device screen
  • Monitor patients treatment plans remotely
  • Our UK based experts can check and fix any software issues remotely - No need for costly downtime.
  • Built in EMG for exact motor threshold (MT) level, ensuring a safer, more precise treatment and less wear and tear to the device
For more information about DuoMAG XT rTMS please complete the contact form below or call the team on 0117 941 3979

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