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    Ectonustim Series 6+


Ectonustim Series 6+

Product Description

Well established ECT Machine, sold throughout the world.   Ectron has been building ECT apparatus and ECT equipment for Electro Convulsive Therapy for over 60 years. The Ectonustim Series 6 is a proven system, demonstrating relaibility, zero-low maintenance costs in countries across the world. Ectron also supplies all ECT accessories and supplies required to run an ECT clinic.

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Product Features

These machines have been developed from the well-proven Series 5A and 5B ECT apparatus. The series 6+ models incorporate all the features of the corresponding Series 5B versions. Experience has shown that a very few patients sometimes require higher dosage than was available with the earlier machines and the opportunity was therefore taken to produce equipment with a second, higher, output range.
The series 6 deliver two different ranges of ECT output:
  • Low range: 50-700mC @ 750mA
  • High Range: 200-1000mC @ 900mA

Product Specification

Ectonustim 6+ model incorporates a mode for non-convulsive Cerebral Stimulation. This is a low voltage unidirectional sinewave stimulus which maybe used to give a counter stimulus after ECT.
Supplied with CS lead and disposable CS electrode.
  • Constant Current Stimulus
  • Delivered Dosage Displayed
  • Patient Dynamic Impedance Indicator
  • Simple Single Dose Control
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