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    TyroS – One software for the entire tyrosolution

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    TyroS – One software for the entire tyrosolution

The TyroS is a therapy software specifically developed for the tyrosolution. Easy to use and neatly designed, the TyroS offers gapless progress control and documentation of the rehabilitation. But not only that; with the TyroS motivation and fun during therapy is guaranteed. The individually adaptable and easy-to-use software supports the patients during training to improve motoric, sensory and cognitive deficits. The TyroS also offers a number of cognitive therapy games from Verena Schweizer’s Neurotraining.

Less paper. More therapy.

Developed in close cooperation with patients, therapists and doctors, the tyroS is the heart of the tyrosolution. All devices are equipped with the TyroS and can be networked with each other. The TyroS server solution makes work a lot easier and saves time. Patient data, which has been entered and saved on, for example, the DIEGO, can be recalled and continued on any other tyrosolution therapy device. Thus a complete documentation of each therapy session is guaranteed throughout the entire rehabilitation process.

Stay on top of the rehabilitation process with the TyroS

Extensive and well-engineered analysis programs form the foundation for a successful therapy. Therefore, the evaluation of the rehabilitation progress is a key area of the TyroS software. Doctors and therapists gain reliable insights. In addition, the objectively analyzed therapy process can be compared and contrasted with the patient’s subjective perceptions. Thus, the therapy success is made visible, and that is motivating
The tyroS documentation system creates a Patient file and saves all results of the diagnosis and the therapy progress. Every new diagnosis is automatically saved and the system creates a therapy report, as well as a final report. These include all data and a diagram of the therapy progress. This saves time and avoids tedious paperwork.

Each device of the TYROSOLUTION includes the option to conduct assessments. Objective evaluation measures enable a perfect therapy adjustment to the patient. Progress is recorded and the rehabilitation process is made visible. This facilitates the diagnosis and creates Motivation.
Interactive Therapy

Motoric, sensory and cognitive deficits can be playfully counteracted by means of a large number of therapy modules. Thus, the patient’s attention is directed at an external focus, even repetitive training becomes more varied and simply makes more fun.
Functions of TYROS Therapy-Software in Overview

TYROS is a therapy software specifically developed for the TYROSOLUTION. The individually adjustable and playfully designed modules enable motivating training of motor, sensory and cognitive deficits of each patient and allow a gapless progress tracking and documentation. The software, which is also used for controlling the therapy process, has been developed in close cooperation with patients, therapists and doctors – together with Verena Schweizer the software has been extended to include cognitive therapy games from her neurotraining. With tyro S the TYROSOLUTION gains numerous additional aspects which make it possible to meet every single patient’s Needs.
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