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    ECT Accessories


Electroconvulsive Therapy Accessories

Easygrip ECT Headpiece

The New Ectron headpiece designed for use with Ectonus, Ectonustim and Thymatron ECT Machines.

Product Features
• Each paddle has larger electrode plates for improved conductivity.
• A significantly improved hand grip.
• Optional treatment switch on the hand grip for Ectonustim versions only.
• Improved quality and materials compared to previous models.

Product Specification
3 options available:
• Ectonus & ectonustim without treatment button
• Ectonus & Ectonustim with treatment button
• Thymatron without treatment button
• all versions have the 50mm electrode plates
Electroconvulsive Therapy Accessories

Ectonustim Protective Case

Product Description

A tough hard waring case, custom made for the Series 6 ECT Device. The foam is cut to hold the machine firmly and safely.

Case dimensions: 575 x 355 x 172 mm
Electroconvulsive Therapy Accessories
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