The PABLO system is a modern assessment and therapy device for the rehabilitation of patients with impaired motor functions. It supports upper and lower limbs as well as body and head applications. PABLO can be used on neurological, orthopeadic, peadiatric and geriatric patients with deficits in movement and force control, accuracy, aiming, coordination, trunk control and balance.

The PABLO handsensor is a real allrounder: It is a hand-arm therapy and assessment device in one. The PABLO provides training for all gripping forms and traces the strength of the hand and range of motion. Motion sensors can detect the range of motion of the limbs as well as the head and trunk. Thanks to the new ergonomic design of the PABLO system, both adults and children can use the system in an optimal way.

The PABLO hand sensors and motion sensors connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. PABLO provides an interactive movement with audiovisual feedback based on the cross-system software TYROS. Even small movement or force improvements become visible. This motivates the patient and results from each rehabilitation session are integrated in the database and therapy report.

The wireless  PABLO hand sensor measures the various gripping patterns of the human hand and the resulting forces and displays these values as a trend. The extension and flexion force of the hand in the cylinder grip can be measured by built in sensors.

The special design of the PABLO hand sensor makes it possible to measure the exerted force for pinch, lateral, three pint and interdigital grips as well as the arms movements. Additionally, every kind of body movement (head, arm, trunk, leg) can be determined by the PABLO Motionsensors with built in Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)

  • Sensor-based rehabilitation device for unilateral and bilateral training
  • Interactive therapies for the whole body (hand, fingers, arms, legs, trunk, head)
  • Wireless therapy device
  • Can be used by adults and children in all rehabilitation phases
  • Objective assessments, monitoring and reporting system
  • Assistive and movement guidance with Multiboard and Multiball for weaker patients
PABLO Handsensor - Measurement of grasp and release force and various finger grips as well as movements in all 3 axes if motion. This enables patients to train the activities of daily living in a very life like way (opening a bottle, turning a key, picking up a coin).
PABLO Motion sensor - 
Precise joint assessment due to measurement modules that are attached to the body with loop straps of various sizes. Individual positioning of the Motion sensors enables a variety of therapies. In addition to a unilateral application, a
symmetric and asymmetric bilateral and cooperative application are possible
The PABLO Multi-ball supports pronation and supination training as well as wrist extension and flexion training. The Multiball can be used in early rehabilitation phases for targeted therapy applications of the upper limb. The Motionsensor can be easily attached the the Multiball. The hand is secured to the ball with flexible fastening system.
The PABLO Multiboard is used to guide and assist repetitve distal and proximal exercises for single or multiple joints. Even severely impaired patients can use this therapy form and learn to avoid compensating movements.

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