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    TYMO - the therapy board

TYMO – The therapy board

For a balanced therapy

TYMO is a sensor-based rehabilitation device for static and dynamic assessment- and therapy applications. The appealingly slim, wireless design offers a plethora of therapy options: be it the improvement of balance and postural control, or active use of force and support activities of the upper extremities, with TYMO the therapist’s creativity knows no limits. Even the preset starting positions (support, sitting, standing) can be freely expanded.

TYMO is suitable for the therapy of neurological and orthopedic patients of all ages.

Static and dynamic evaluation- and therapy applications

With TYMO a variety of therapies can be executed standing, sitting and supporting. The respective assessment allow a complete progress control and documentation of force- and weight distribution. TYMO is not just a static sensor plate; with specifically fitted rolling elements, the TYMO becomes movable, which makes it possible to assess and treat balance problems. Thus, the individual needs and deficits of each patient can be addressed.

The TYMO support feature

Suitable for the therapy of the upper body
  • Visualization and control of the active use of force of the upper extremity
  • Execution of support activities, also with hemiplegia
  • Weight distribution of support with both arms

The TYMO sitting feature

The patient practices:
  • Functional unsupported sitting
  • Symmetrical weight distribution
  • Trunk- and pelvic activities
  • Control of weight distribution when shifting position

The TYMO standing feature

The patient practices standing, for example:
  • Stance phase
  • Improvement of active knee control
  • Weight distribution
  • Muscular strength training
  • Coordination of the lower extremities and the stabilising musculature
There are two ways of using TYMO while sitting. Either the patient sits directly on the TYMO, or TYMO is positioned underneath the patient’s feet 
Tymo Therapy Board - sensor based rehabilitation device
Tymo Therapy Board - sensor based rehabilitation device
Tymo Therapy Board - sensor based rehabilitation device
Tymo Therapy Board - sensor based rehabilitation device
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