European Clinical TMS Certification Course: London 23rd-24th March 2017

  • By Lucille Watts
  • 08 Dec, 2016

Researchers, Clinicians, and Academics from Maastricht University are offering a two-day clinical TMS certification workshop to be held in London, UK with a focus on the clinical applications of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). The course covers the basic physical and physiological principles of transcranial magnetic stimulation, presenting state of the art insights and explanations of the latest scientific literature.


The machinery is explained theoretically as well as practically, from the required hardware components to the administration of a TMS pulse to the neuronal responses in the brain. As TMS can be applied in different ways, using different so-called protocols which define the number, sequence, frequency, intensity, and burst-rate of pulses, participants gain a thorough understanding of the benefits and limitations of this wide range of applications. This discussion covers both classical and state of the art protocols, as well as the evidence for their efficacy, effect sizes, and domains of implementation. At the same time, participants gain hands-on experience with all the relevant tools and techniques.


After learning how to apply TMS theoretically, participants enjoy workshops in our actual TMS labs. Here they are instructed in the everyday operation of the machinery, and both administer and experience different stimulation protocols. They determine individual thresholds of excitability, and learn how to programme TMS machines. This provides them with all the tools to administer clinical TMS therapies such as for depression, anxiety, OCD, tinnitus, pathological pain, addiction, and rehabilitation. Instruction also includes extensive lessons and discussion on safety issues, and qualified teaching staff are present at all times.


The course includes academic sessions, hands-on training, individual feedback sessions on intended protocols or procedures and short presentations by researchers about using TMS for psychiatric disorders and rehabilitation:


Venue: The King’s Fund, London

Date: 23rd & 24th March 2017 (2 Days)

Price: 850 Euros


Limited Places Available
By Lucille Watts 20 Sep, 2017
Tyromotion Advanced Rehabilitation Technology is a high performance, top quality and fast learning organisation, which creates effective and reliable therapy concepts.

If Tyromotion - the marketleader in upper extremity - launch a device for "PRE-GAIT" training, what will it be?

With this new product Tyromotion will be entering a new category, widening the scope and helping even more patients with our technologies.

Ectron very excited about the launch and looking forward to sharing the news soon.

For more information about any of the Tyromotion devices, please email
By Lucille Watts 04 Sep, 2017
Ectron is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at Therapy Expo, Birmingham NEC on 22nd & 23rd November 2017.
Come and visit us on stand TB63 and have a demonstration on the new PABLO from Tyromotion.

The PABLO System  – Rehabilitation for the whole body

The PABLO Handsensor is a real allrounder: hand-arm-therapy and assessment device in one, the PABLO does not just facilitate the training of all grip forms of the hand; the built-in sensors also track the grip force and range of motion. Thanks to the cross-system tyroS software, the PABLO offers interactive motion training with audiovisual feedback. The results of each training session are automatically integrated into the data base and the therapy report.

With the following wireless extensions, the PABLO becomes even more versatile:

  • The PABLO Motionsensor is a precise joint assessment due to measurement modules that are attached to the body with loop straps of various sizes. Individual positioning of the Motionsensors enables a variety of therapies. So symmetric and asymmetric, bilateral and cooperative applications are possible.
  • The PABLO Multiball supports pronation and supination training as well as the flexion and extension of the wrist. Even at an early stage of rehabilitation, such as flaccid hemiparesis, the Multiball can be used for therapy of the upper extremities. To that end, the PABLO sensor handle is simply inserted into the PABLO Multiball. The hand is attached to the ball by means of a flexible strap system.
  • The PABLO  Multiboard is used to guide and assist repetitive distal and proximal single- and multi-joint exercises. Even severely impaired patients can receive therapy with the Multiboard and learn to avoid compensations in movement from the get-go.

For more information about PABLO or to book a demonstration, please email
To visit Therapy Expo website, please follow the link

By Lucille Watts 09 Aug, 2017

Ectron is pleased to announce it is partnering Northampton NHS Foundation Trusts - NHS TMS Awareness Day, on Wednesday 4th October 2017. 

rTMS is a NICE approved, alternative treatment for patients with Depression and Treatment Resistant Depression.

The course is designed for healthcare professionals who want to know more about rTMS as a treatment, or who may be considering setting up a rTMS clinic.

The day will give you an overview of what rTMS can offer as a treatment, who it may be suitable for, as well as a practical session with MagVentures MagPro System.

Places are strictly limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.  Bookings close on Monday 25th September 2017.

Date: Wednesday 4th October
Time: 9:30 am - 4:30pm
Location : Berrywood Hospital - Northamptonshire NHS Foundation Trust.
Course Fee: £200 (payable to Northamptonshire NHS Foundation Trust)

To register your interest please email: who will assist you.

By Lucille Watts 18 Jul, 2017

Ectron is pleased to announce the launch of Tyromotions new PABLO which is being demonstrated for the very first at RehabWeek 2017, in London.

The   PABLO®   system is a modern assessment and therapy device for the rehabilitation of patients with impaired motor functions.


The sensitivity of the Motion sensors enables the tracking of underlying movements. Patients who perform a therapeutic game with minimal movements are more motivated and have more fun during the rehabilitation process.


Activities of daily living can be implemented into the therapy sessions at a high rate of repetition with the PABLO® system. This link to daily routines supports the motivation of the patient and enables his/her motor learning. Sit-to-stand, steering a car, reaching for objects or climbing the stairs are just a few examples.


Creativity has no limits! In combination with the TYROS software every therapeutic movement-exercise can be done in a motivating way and additional feedback using the PABLO® Motionsensors. It‘s simple handling enables a very quick therapy setup with almost no chances for compensation movements.

For more information about the new PABLO please click here  or email

By Lucille Watts 11 Jul, 2017

Ectron is proud to partner with Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust in the launch of it's TMS clinical trials.  

The team from Ectron along with Claus Mathiesen from MagVenture spent two days at the Dorothy Pattison Hospital in Walsall covering the benefits of TMS Therapy for the treatment of depression along with sharing the latest TMS research.

In addition, the whole team gained an understanding of what TMS can offer as a treatment, who it may be suitable for, as well as a practical "hands-on sessions" with the MagVita TMS Therapy system.

Dr Russell Davies and the team will now be going forward and the trial is due to start this month.

For more information about TMS training for your hospital or NHS trust, please call 0117 941 3979 or email: alternatively you can complete our c ontact form

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