Tyromotion offers a complete range of robotics- and computer-assisted therapy devices for the upper extremity. One solution for all phases of rehabilitation: the tyrosolution.

The tyrosolution is a modular product range. Modular, because all devices have been designed for greatest compatibility throughout all phases of therapy. This is made possible by the centerpiece of the tyrosolution, the tyroS software. For complete documentation and evaluation, all therapy devices have been equipped with tyroS and can be connected via the tyroserver. But that’s not all. With the software comes a gigantic selection of therapy games. For more motivation and greater control throughout therapy.

All therapy devices of the tyrosolution can be adjusted to the individual and leave enough creative freedom for doctors and therapists to tailor the rehabilitation process perfectly to the patients’ needs. It’s really simple and easy: user-friendliness comes first. Whether in clinics or smaller therapy facilities, the tyrosolution is a versatile and complete solution for treatment of the upper extremity.

With the tyrosolution, therapy becomes more efficient, more motivating and richer in variety. In all phases of rehabilitation.
  • One modular solution for the entire upper extremity
  • Gapless documentation and evaluation, as well as an enormous selection of therapy games
  • Individual adjustment in all phases of rehabilitation for more motivation



Finger rehabilitation in all phases

AMADEO is the latest in a long row of tried and clinically tested robotics- and computer-assisted therapy devices for fingers and hands. AMADEO offers numerous options for finger-rehabilitation: even heavily impaired patients can benefit from AMADEO by means of EMG-support, as well as CPM (Continuous Passive Motion). Throughout the further course of finger rehabilitation, AMADEO allows the therapist to reduce the active support of the patient and apply other forms of rehabilitation, such as cognitive and task-oriented therapy. Throughout the entire hand-finger-therapy process, AMADEO provides bio-feedback and sophisticated monitoring of the therapy progress. Thus, AMADEO is the most advanced finger-hand-therapy device worldwide.
Tyrosolution - Upper body robotic and computer assisted therapy
  • For children and adults of all ages
  • In all phases of finger-hand-rehabilitation (EMG, CPM, CPM+, …)
  • Variety in therapy – anti-spasticity therapy, haptic therapy, cognitive therapy, bio-feedback, …
  •  For children and adults of all ages
  • In all phases of finger-hand-rehabilitation (EMG, CPM, CPM+, …)
  • Variety in therapy – anti-spasticity therapy, haptic therapy, cognitive therapy, bio-feedback,...
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Tyrosolution - Upper body robotic and computer assisted therapy
DIEGORobotic assisted arm rehabilitation

DIEGO is the most progressive and versatile arm-shoulder-rehabilitation device in the world. Intelligent Gravity Compensation (IGC), robotics and virtual reality facilitate the arm-rehabilitation process in all phases of therapy. The unique, robotics-assisted sling system enables the recovery of lost motor function of the arm in a natural way. Uni- and bilaterally. Moreover, DIEGO excels as it can be applied in a large variety of patient groups and clinical areas of application and thus covers patients of all ages in all phases of rehabilitation.

The patented robotics-assisted therapy system was developed in cooperation with research facilities and therapists and aims at a natural, task-oriented rehabilitation that is designed to be motivating and versatile and supports therapists in their daily tasks.

  • Robotic-assisted, intelligent gravity compensation (IGC) – for patients with minimal motor-function of the arm
  • Unilateral as well as bilateral application in all phases of arm-rehabilitation
  • Fast set-up for a maximum of therapy time thanks to the unique sling systemagraph
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Sensor-assisted hand-arm-rehabilitation

The PABLO system is a sensor-assisted therapy device and offers numerous options for children and adults with neurologically and orthopedically caused impairments of the upper and lower extremities. PABLO stands out in particular due to its user-friendliness and can be used easily and quickly for therapy and evaluation processes. The additional system extensions make it possible to support the patient actively during hand-rehabilitation and create new therapy options.

  • Hand-arm-therapy and evaluation device in one
  • For neurological and orthopedic patients of all ages
  • Large field of application in the upper and lower extremitiesNew Paragraph
Tyrosolution - Upper body robotic and computer assisted therapy
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The interactive surface for a far-reaching therapy

MYRO is an interactive therapy surface which can be used in a multitude of ways: the MYRO sensors allow everyday life motor training with real objects on a responsive surface. 

Myro reacts not only to motion but also to pressure.  Myro adapts to the needs of each patient; horizontally and vertically: Myro is height-adjustable and the work-surface can be tilted from 0 to 90 degrees. And even Myro’s responsive area can be scaled to the patient’s ability, which allows training at the personal limit of performance.

  • Flexible application options, such as therapy with real objects, for a broad patient spectrum
  • Incl. TyroS for documentation and evaluation of the therapy progress
  • Combination of pressure sensitivity, sensor precision and scalable area of motion

Trunk control & balance training

TYMO is a sensor-based rehabilitation device for static and dynamic assessment- and therapy applications. The appealingly slim, cordless design holds numerous therapy options ready: be it the improvement of balance and postural control, or active use of force and support activities of the upper and lower extremities, TYMO does not set any boundaries to the therapist’s creativity. Even the preset initial positions (supporting, sitting, and standing) can be extended unlimitedly.

TYMO is suitable for therapy of neurological and orthopeadic patients of all ages.
Tyrosolution - Upper body robotic and computer assisted therapy
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